What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We are happy to accommodate a full refund if you cancel your order 4 days or more in advance of the delivery date.  Within the 4 days no refunds will be issued. Cancellations made with less than 4 days’ notice, but more than 48 hours' notice will receive a full credit towards a future booking. Decreasing the size of your box will be treated as a cancellation and subject to the same terms as per the above.

What type of produce is featured in your grazing boxes and platters?

Wilde Fig boxes and platters are artisan and no two are identical.  They are seasonal, sourced regularly so they are subject to availability and substitutions. All creations are made up of gourmet cheeses, cured and uncured meats, a variety of dips, olives/antipasti, assorted crackers, fruit - both fresh and dried, nuts and other nibblies , as well as some sweet treats.

Are Your Products Eco Friendly?

When we started this business we knew, from day one that we didn't want to use products that would increase our carbon footprint. Sustainable, bio degradable and compostable packaging is very important to us and we do our best to source products that align with our beliefs. 

Are You Able To Cater For Dietary Restrictions?

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate various dietary requirements, our kitchen is not completely nut, gluten or dairy free therefore cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. 

How Much Notice Do You Need?​

We need a minimum of 4 to 5 days for any order. However, you will want to inquire as soon as possible to secure your date!

If you need a last minute order, don't be afraid to ask, life gets busy, things slip your mind, I get it! 

My box won't be served until later in the day. How should I store it?

Keep your boxes refrigerated at all times until you plan on serving them, if not eating right away. Note that cheese and meat should be served at room temperature (the cheese taste best), so take out the box/platter of the refrigerator at least 10 minutes prior to serving.

How long do my boxes last?

Our boxes are only recommended to be out in room temperature for up to 2-3 hours until it is required to be discarded. After this, we are not liable for any food consumed beyond its edible time along with how the customer decides to store the product. Our customers health is a top priority and we do everything possible to prevent any harm being caused.