Wilde Petite

Wilde Petite Box - $65 - Feeds up to 4 

  • The Petite Grazing Box is perfect for two or as an appetizer for up to four people.This option is great for a wine night, a birthday, celebration or anniversary gift!

  • 2 to 3 variety of cheeses, 1 cured meat

Wilde Medio Box or Platter - $90.00 - Feeds up to 6  

  • The Medio Grazing Box is the perfect gourmet box for four or as a light appetizer for up to six people. 

  • 3 variety of cheeses, 2 cured meats​

  • This option can be either a box or a platter!


Wilde Grande Box - $120.00 - Feeds up to 8

  • The Grande Grazing box is an excellent choice when you're gathering with a small group of friends or family and wanting to enjoy a different type of social food experience (sorry pastelitos and croquetas, the new guys are in town!)

  • 4 variety of cheeses, 3 different cured meats​

​*All recommended serving sizes are appetizer portion suggestions.

*Please note that all cheeses, meats and produce, etc are based on what is seasonally available and are often interchanged without notice. Please specify any necessary changes. 

Wilde Fig Platter

Wilde Fig Petite

Wilde Fig Grande

Wilde Fig Platter

Wilde Fig Grande